“…Your Realtor Is Like Your Consigliere, Which Makes YOU the Don…”


I Love this quote from Elizabeth Banks in a recent Realtor.com video. I’ve actually used the metaphor of a Consigliere when talking about what a Realtor does…I’ve just left out the “Don” part. For those of you unfamiliar with “The Godfather” movies, or “The Sopranos”, the Don is a Mob Boss, Leader, Crime Lord, Kingpin, or Head of the Family. The Consigliere is the trusted advisor or counselor to the boss and represents him (or her to be fair) in some capacities.

A Realtor advises on things like how to go about finding a mortgage lender; finding the right house in the right neighborhood to fit your needs; staging a home…or looking past the staging to see potential issues with the home; how to make your offer or your home stand out in a competitive market; negotiating offers and advising on the consequences of accepting vs. countering vs. rejecting; finding the right inspectors or home repair and maintenance contractors; avoiding pitfalls in purchasing or selling a home – doing things the right way so that you won’t have to defend your actions down  the road; connecting you with services and resources in your new community; referring you to agents in other parts of the state or country if you need to leave our fair city. These are just a few of the things on which you will be advised with experience and expertise.

But just like a good Consigliere, a good Realtor knows that YOU are the boss. Whether selling or purchasing a home, every decision is y0urs to make. With the right advisor providing knowledge of the market, Arizona rules and statutes, contracts, processes and potential consequences, you will feel confident in making those very important decisions.

For excellent advice and counseling on the sale or purchase of a home, call Sharyn Younger with Glass House International Real Estate at 480-589-2347.



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