What’s Your Home Selling IQ?

What’s Your Home Selling IQ?


Take the home selling IQ test below to find out how well you know the keys to selling your home quickly and for the highest price?


1.  The most important home improvement to sell efficiently and for the highest price is:

a.     Add French doors to the master bedroom

b.     Bake cookies during an open house

c.     Thoroughly clean and regularly maintain the cleanliness of the home

d.     Make sure there are pets in the home to increase the “cuteness” factor


2.  Zillow Zestimates are accurate approximately ______ percentage of the time?

a.     68%

b.     32%

c.     98%


3.  The two most accurate ways to assess a home’s market value when you’re determining a listing price is:

a.     Talk to neighbors,  Check list prices of other homes for sale in your zip code

b.     A comparative analysis by a Realtor®, An appraisal by a licensed appraiser.

c.      Your gut feel for what you believe your home is worth, Talk to neighbors


4.  The home improvement likely to provide the greatest return on investment is:

a.     Add a pool

b.     Add animal trophy heads to the den to show how accomplished you are

c.     Turn a carport into a garage


5.  A home priced over market value will likely remain on the market:

a.  a shorter period of time and sell for closer to the list price

b.  a longer period of time and sell for significantly lower than list price


6. When determining a home’s market value, it’s most important to know what  other homes have sold for in: 

a.   the same subdivision

b.   the same zip code

c.    the same city


7.  The typical (selling season) in Arizona begins in:

a.     February

b.     May

c.     September


8.  When determining the market value of a home, it’s most important to factor in a similar number of:

a.     Pets who have lived in the home

b.     Stories or floors to the home

c.      Homes sold in the neighborhood


9.  Having a Realtor® represent you in the sale of your home will likely net ___% more for your home:

a.     2% – 5%

b.     5% – 7%

c.     10% – 15%


10. Right now, the statistic most strongly influencing the number of  days your home will be on the market is:

a.     Overall absorption rate for the valley

b.     Whether your home falls into the low, mid, or luxury price market

c.     Sales volume in your neighborhood


11. The lowest cost improvements to your home that provide the largest return on investment are:

a.     Painting , cleaning, and  improving curb appeal and backyard privacy by adding landscape foliage and color

b.     Cleaning, adding a new roof, and baking cookies at an open house

c.     Painting, lighting candles to mask pet odors, and adding garage cabinets


12.    The “incurable” condition that will take the biggest toll on the value of your home is:

a.      two story homes behind your home

b.      a small lot

c.      low ceilings



Answer Key:  Give yourself 4 points for every correct response:

1.     c               4.   c                7.   a                10.   b

2.     a               5.   b              8.   B                11.   a

3.     b               6.   a              9.   C                12.   a


0 – 12  LOW IQ  You are at risk for a long and low priced sale

13 – 24  MID-RANGE  Read more of my blog posts and seller pages

25 – 48  HIGH   You are a home selling GENIUS!



Regardless of YOUR score, when you’re ready to sell your home, call Sharyn Younger!


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