What This Listing Agent Does To Sell Your Home

The Sharyn Younger Real Estate Team

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Hint: It’s More Than Just Planting A Sign In Your Yard!

There is a common myth out there that a listing agent is over-compensated for listing and selling homes based on a misperception of what it takes to sell your home – even in a strong sellers market. The Sharyn Younger Team recently sold a home in 2 days. What has to happen in order for that result, particularly in a $700,000 price point which garners less demand? Here’s what this listing agent does to sell your home:

  • Pricing analysis
  • Pre-appraisal
  • Staging appointment
  • Daytime/Twilight Photos/3-D virtual tour and drone photos 
  • Pre-marketing to valley agents
  • Social Media marketing launched
  • Sign placed
  • Lockbox placed and programmed to ensure security of premises
  • Standout MLS listing created
  • High end brochure created and printed
  • Listing placed on hundreds of home search portals
  • Blogpost/landing page
  • Negotiate price, terms and conditions of all offers
  • Run net estimate to inform seller of net proceeds based upon price, terms and conditions
  • Ensure all necessary disclosures are made to manage risk to sellers
  • Manage any title issues that arise from title search
  • Attend 4 hour inspection
  • Negotiate repair requests
  • Assist with referrals to home repair services, moving companies, etc.
  • Attend appraisal appointment
  • Manage appraisal issues
  • Handle all necessary paperwork from contracts to addenda to signing documents
  • Assist seller in maintaining compliance with contract obligations and monitor buyer compliance as well
  • Work with title, lender and cross agent to ensure all deadlines are met
  • Manage complex timelines on simultaneous closings when necessary
  • Review settlement statement prior to signing and address errors as necessary
  • Remove signs and lockbox

What this listing agent does to sell your home is A LOT! And each of these tasks is designed to net you the highest price for your home in the least amount of time while minimizing risk to you, the seller. Of course every home sale is different and some may require additional items, and on rare occasions, fewer. There’s no doubt that listing options are expanding with new “low cost” models emerging. Be cautious and do your due diligence in analyzing the cost of those services. They are typically advertised in such a way that does not portray the true cost after a buyers agent commission is factored in, service fees are calculated, and repair costs are added up.

To find out more about what this listing agent does to sell your home, contact The Sharyn Younger Team today and find out why we have the happiest clients in the valley.

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