What stays with a home that you’re purchasing?

Although it’s not a cut and dried issue, knowing what is typical to remain when buying a home is important. The Arizona Association of Realtors purchase contract addresses some specific items that are expected to remain, unless a seller indicates specific non-conveyance. Things like ceiling fans, window coverings and screens, misting systems, towel racks, flush mounted speakers, satellite dishes, and owned water softeners, alarm systems and pool equipment to name a few. A general rule of thumb is anything that attached in a way intended to be permanent stays with the home. While you can anticipate in most cases that the oven and dishwasher will remain, prepare to purchase a new refrigerator, washer and dryer. Table lamps will go, while attached light fixtures will remain. Owned solar panels will remain, while leased panels can either remain with a lease transfer, or be removed.

In some cases, a seller may have a very personal history with a particular attached item. I was in a home recently, in which the seller clearly indicated that the chandelier in the dining room would NOT convey. Those buyers were only too happy in that case to replace it with a fixture that would be less worthy of Liberace’s grand entryway. Taste is a very personal thing.


Does this “attached item” convey with the home you’ve just purchased?

If as a buyer, you fall in love with a personal or attached item that doesn’t convey, do you have any recourse?  Certainly. It never hurts to ask. If you really want that refrigerator, have your realtor put it in the offer. The worst that can happen is the seller will say no, or will expect to be compensated. And then the negotiations begin!

So, here’s a question: Would this attached item convey or not? Would you want it to?  Taste is a VERY personal thing.






Would you want it to?

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