Coney Island hotdogs in Chandler

Teds Hotdogs is opening a second location at Germann and Gilbert Road in Chandler

I received a text message from my husband yesterday that said, “Oh No, we are in trouble”. That could have meant any number of things portending crisis ahead. Did we forget to make a mortgage payment? Did we miss a family birthday? Was he watching the news again? No. The trouble we are in is not about what we had or hadn’t done in the past; It’s what is likely to happen in the future based on the news that Ted’s Hotdogs is coming to Chandler!

For those of you who do not know, Ted’s Hotdogs is an iconic eatery not far from the ASU campus at McClintock and Broadway in Tempe. They serve true Coney Island style hot dogs and sides that you can’t get anywhere else outside of Brooklyn. The proof of this is the relish (no pun intended) with which my father would enjoy their fare, and the memories of his childhood on Utica Avenue he shared while chomping on a footlong. My kids remember Ted’s Hotdogs fondly not only because of the amazing food, but because of the association with their Grandpa Howie.

We haven’t been to Ted’s Hotdogs since long before my Dad passed away nearly 5 years ago. You may have heard that hotdogs are not the best thing for you and since we don’t find ourselves in that part of Tempe very often, it’s been easy to let it go. Well the Tempe Ted’s is getting a facelift. Big news in and of itself after 30 years. But the bigger news for us, is that Ted’s Hotdogs is coming to Chandler. And not just to Chandler, but a mile and a half from our home. As Humphrey Bogart might have said, “of all the towns in all the world Ted’s had to open its second Arizona location in mine”!

If you happen to be near Germann and Gilbert Road toward the end of 2017. make sure you stop by Ted’s. You may see me there. And do me a personal favor. DO NOT put ketchup on your hotdog. The only way to enjoy a Coney Island dog is with mustard and saurkraut.


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