listing your home for sale during the holidays

Should you list your home during the holidays or wait? You might be surprised by the upside.

What do sellers want when listing their home? To sell quickly, painlessly and for the highest price possible. Not rocket science. We are often asked, “when is the best time to list my home?” “When is the worst?” Common sense would lead one to believe that listing a home just before or during the holiday season is a bad idea. This is not necessarily the case. Sure, many buyers have turned their attention to other things: gift giving, travel to see family, and sugar plums dancing in their heads. The buyer pool does tend to shrink a bit as a result, but there are plenty of good reasons that the answer to the question, Should you list your home during the holiday season? should be a resounding “YES”.  Here are some reasons why:

Your competition will likely be less rigorous

Because many people believe November/December is a bad time to list, we don’t see a lot of new listings coming on the market. Additionally, those listings that have lingered since the summer will likely come off the market due to seller fatigue and a desire to try again after the first of the year. The lower the inventory, the better for you. Buyers will have less to choose from, making your property perhaps look a bit more attractive….something is better than nothing.

Buyers are still out there

While many potential buyers have opted out during the holiday season, there are those that, regardless of the time of year, need to find your home. Perhaps it’s a job transfer; or work relocation. Maybe it’s a winter visitor who has fallen in love with our amazing winter weather and is anxious to find something quick to put an end to their winter doldrums. On more than one occasion we have sold a home to relatives or friends visiting for the holidays. And even if they are not buying for themselves, relatives and friends can provide great motivation for on the fence buyers. What’s a great way to kill time while family is visiting?  Let’s go look at some homes! One thanksgiving I got a call from an out of state mom visiting her son and wanting desperately for him to get out of his nasty rental into a home of his own.

There’s a good chance your home will sparkle

Everyone likes their home to look its best during the holidays. What makes a house feel more like a home than a bright Christmas tree, the scent of pine needless and a warm cookies fresh out of the oven. Take advantage of the warmth and beauty of the season to make your home shine like a beacon.

Seasonal visitors are looking to buy

Arizona has become well known as a great place for a second home. Those who rent during the winter months often transition to home ownership. They typically arrive in October/November and remain until May. Perhaps your home is the one they will call home sweet home #2! Sell your home to a seasonal resident. 

You can time it just right

If your home doesn’t sell within the first 30 -45 days, the buyer pool will be back in full swing after the first of the year. Your time on market won’t suffer too much if it doesn’t sell by New Years. And demand will certainly pick up as we go deeper into the winter season.

Should you list your home during the holiday season? There are lots of reasons to say “LIST IT!” And The Sharyn Younger Team of Glass House International Real Estate knows how to get it done.



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