Lessons from a Realtors personal move

Having facilitated 19 real estate transactions over the last 9 months it’s easy to lose sight of the monumental task my clients face in moving from one place to another. This month I was reminded of the physical and psychological stress associated with buying, selling, and moving. Here is what I learned from my own personal move:

1.  Plan on everything taking at least 20% longer than you think it will take, especially if you’re relying on others to get the job done.

2.  Plan on everything costing at least 10% more than you think it will cost. That old adage is as true these days as ever. And if you’re pricing sound systems for your t.v. and entertainment system, be prepared for sticker shock.

3.  Line up lots of help. The days have long since passed of getting multitudes of friends to help you move for beer. However even if you pay movers, contractors, cleaners, etc., you WILL need all hands on deck at various times. This is why you had kids, right? And if you’re lucky, THEIR friends will work for beer.

4. Have a project management system: Keeping track of mortgage documents, contractor receipts, listing paperwork, keys, money, etc. while boxing up your life can be a monumental challenge. Make sure you have a system in place to easily access these items at a moments notice.

5. Find the people in your life who “know people”.  Juggling repairs to our old home, while putting in new floors, cabinets, counters and landscaping in our new home would have been a nightmare if I didn’t know the right people who could do quality work at reasonable prices. I want to give a shout out to Joel Nadler with Get Floored and Rodney Bagby with Cardinal Cabinets who not only did great work for us, but put us in touch with excellent resources to take care of other projects we needed to get done. Remember to call Sharyn Younger, Realtor  if you need referrals for anything home related.

6. It’s a lot easier to upsize than downsize. No matter how much stuff we got rid of, space continued (and continues) to be an issue.

6. I’m not as young as I used to be. At the end of each long physically and mentally taxing day, I just about passed out standing up whereas a few years ago, I would have had energy to spare.

7. I’m not as old as I thought I might feel. I’m still able to sling boxes, carry 10     foot ladders for the glass guy who just came back from the chiropractor, and manage several projects at one time without losing my mind.

8. If you think you’re stressed out by the move, try to imagine how stressed your pets are. One thing that really helped our three dogs was being able to take them over to the new house for an hour or two for several days prior to the big move. By the time we had to leave them alone in the new house, they felt like they were home.

Our previous home is in the process of being listed. Check back with this blog in a couple of weeks as I empathize with my clients who have or are getting ready to list a home for sale.


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