How Responsive is YOUR Realtor?


I usually try to stay away from the negative on this blog, but after an incredibly frustrating weekend, it occurred to me that people may not be asking a crucial question when hiring a Realtor to sell their home, or help them buy a home. That crucial question? “What’s your rule about how long it will take you to return a phone call, text or email?”. I was showing homes this weekend and on three out of the five listings my clients wanted to view, the response from the listing agent to my request to show the homes took anywhere between 3.5 to 8 hours. What!? That’s ridiculous. I know that sometimes things happen with our technology that results in missed messages; it’s certainly happened to me on occasion. But when I’ve left a voicemail message, texted and emailed the agent with no response, well, you sort of have to be trying hard to miss all of those attempts. One agent told me the next day, that he has his assistant handle all of his calls on the weekends because he doesn’t work weekends. Suggestion: either work weekends, or hire a new assistant. My concern is not really with the agent. Each of us has our own rules of how we do business. My concern is for the clients. I have seller clients who are very anxious to sell their homes and move on with their lives (literally). If they had to doubt for one minute that I was responding quickly to every inquiry, they should fire me. Buyers are concerned about making sure they are seeing everything new that comes on the market as quickly as possible.  If I didn’t return a call regarding a new listing and jeopardized a buyer clients dream home, they should fire me. In case you were wondering…my rule is this: If I can’t get back to you or a prospective buyer of your home with a call back or quick answer within 15 minutes, I will let you know. And it will rarely be longer than an hour before you have my full attention. End of rant.

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