For Sellers

When you’re ready to sell your home, it’s because you need or want to move onto something new. You want the process to go fast and you want it to go smoothly with a minimum of disruption. You want your house to sell for the highest price and the best terms in the least amount of time.

While no agent or broker can guarantee price or the time it will take to sell your home, HOW your Realtor manages the sale of your home WILL make a difference.

Here’s how I will sell your house for the highest price in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of disruption:

Price: Finding just the right price point that will attract the best offers with the fewest days on market.

Staging: Assisting you to present your house in the best light to attract the most attention.

Marketing: A multi-pronged approach to get your house in front of the largest pool of buyers with a strong desire or need to purchase in your area.

  • Creating a unique “story” about your community, your home, and all that you have put into it to make it a desirable place to live.
  • Building a strong presence for your home on the internet, the starting place for 92% of all home buyers.
  • Marketing to other Realtors with clients looking to make a purchase.
  • Marketing to a tremendous local and out of state data base.
  • Marketing to your community.
  • Extending the story of your home to the multiple listing service in such a way that it is NOT just another listing.

Preventing Potential Pitfalls through Proaction!: A good Realtor has set up systems to stay, not just on top of the details, but ahead of them. From listing to close, every step will be anticipated, explained and facilitated with as much advanced scheduling as possible.

Communication: During the sale of a house, there are times when there is a LOT happening, and times when you’re waiting for things to happen. Whether you are waiting or doing, you will be informed with as much frequency as you desire, in the manner most convenient for you. Phone-calls, emails, or texts will always be returned within two hours.

A Winning Team: My success depends upon my ability to do all of the above and to do it well. But to some degree it also depends upon who I choose as my partners in getting transactions CLOSED! Lenders, Title Companies, Home Inspectors, Appraisers, Home Repair Contractors, Stagers, Photographers…I am proud to say that my business partners and referral resources are simply the best. And that is to your advantage as well as my own.

Call me or send me an email for more information, or to set up a no obligation “prepare your home” walk-through and pre-listing consultation – 480.589.2347