Chandler Food Trucks: A popular affair!


IMG_1124 IMG_1118 IMG_1125 IMG_1122Ok, so truth be told, I have never really seen the value in mixing food and exhaust fumes as has become so wildly popular in the “food truck” phenomenon. Until now that is. My husband has dragged me out to the friday night event in Chandler a couple of times now, despite my pleas to go eat at a “real” restaurant that doesn’t rest on rubber tires. I think I finally get it. What I’ve discovered is that while it IS about the food, it’s also about the way it brings people together. Spending time in the Ocotillo shopping plaza parking lot, surrounded by brightly colored trucks hawking various ethnic foods and decadent desserts, I notice people making an evening of it. They drag out their chairs and tables, share the accommodations made available by the event coordinators, and TALK to each other. Neighbors who might otherwise not have the time to speak, swap stories over cuban sandwiches, quesadillas, waffle creations, hot dogs, and other culinary delights. Kids run from truck to truck and have a blast meeting up with friends, old and new and turning the wide swath of suburban parking lot into their playground. Music plays in the background to provide more of a festive flair, and overall, there’s just a happy feel to the whole scene. The food trucks have moved recently. Having outgrown their original location at Dobson and Ocotillo, they can now be found on Friday nights in the former Target parking lot on the northwest corner of Queen Creek and Alma School Road. Not sure what the plan is for the hottest part of the summer, but I know I’ll be back. And maybe next time, I’ll actually eat something.

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