Chandler Chamber of Commerce Economic Update: JOBS!

Chandler, AZ on the fast track

A great 2016 for economic development in Chandler and plenty to look forward to in 2017. Stay tuned!

The Chandler Chamber of Commerce Economic Update was held last week at the San Marcos Hotel and the word of the day is JOBS! While I don’t have the exact figure related to how many new jobs came to Chandler in 2016, how’s this for a round number: A LOT! Companies like NXP, Republic Services, DaVita RX, ETW Software, State 48, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Orbital, Rogers Corporation, and many others either opened or expanded in Chandler last year. Anywhere from 50 – 600 jobs have been added by each of these and many other companies. Chandler is a stand-out growth sector for the Phoenix metropolitan area.

What’s in store for 2017? Plenty! Intel is working on a project to repurpose the huge price road facility anticipating significant employment opportunities. The Price Road Tech corridor will continue to bring in new businesses and hospitality services to meet the related demand. The downtown core is continuing to rise to its mission to be a place to live, work and play. Two multifamily  projects will be sprouting up continuing the influx of residents to the thriving downtown. A mixed used development directly across from city hall is in the works to meet the demand for additional office and retail space. And that dining/brewery/movie experience that’s doing so well in South Chandler is coming to the downtown area. Yay for wine and movies!

The average education and income for Chandler continues to grow, along with its diversity. Did you know that Chandler boasts a more ethnically diverse community than Tempe? As an appointee to  the Chandler Human Relations Commission that makes me smile.

While the economic update for Chandler and its job opportunities is good, there is one area of challenge we must face. Chandler has a low percentage of entrepreneurial upstarts and business investing compared to national figures. There is hope however. The AZ Angel Tax Credit is available to promote investment in Arizona start-ups. It provides a state tax credit of 30% to investors for investing in certified companies approved to participate. A new bill in congress would increase the tax credit cap to $30 million from its current $20 million cap.

So, if you’re a Chandlerite with an entrepreneurial spirit, be a part of the economic development and job creation that makes this such a great city!




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