Varner Sight & Sound: The Best In Home Entertainment Systems and Installation. 

I don't just sell real estate.  Once a client buys or sells a house with The Sharyn Younger Team, a lifetime relationship is often established. We are frequently asked for referrals to  home or community related services and pride ourselves on knowing the best business owners in a variety of industries. When we find a business that we've had a great experience with, we shout it from the rooftops. Varner Sight & Sound brings you the best in home entertainment systems and installation. The … [Read more...]

Lessons from a Realtors personal move

Having facilitated 19 real estate transactions over the last 9 months it's easy to lose sight of the monumental task my clients face in moving from one place to another. This month I was reminded of the physical and psychological stress associated with buying, selling, and moving. Here is what I learned from my own personal move: 1.  Plan on everything taking at least 20% longer than you think it will take, especially if you're relying on others to get the job done. 2.  Plan on everything … [Read more...]

East Valley, West Valley, YOUR Valley Realtor

What do you think is the first question people typically ask a Realtor? Regardless of whether they are interested in buying, selling or investing in a real estate, I am often asked, "what part of the valley do you specialize in?". It makes sense. Often we are told that in order to be good at something and to be successful, we must find a niche. However, working primarily by referral, I find myself traveling throughout the valley: East Valley, West Valley, Glendale, Sun City, Scottsdale, Maricopa … [Read more...]

How Responsive is YOUR Realtor?

I usually try to stay away from the negative on this blog, but after an incredibly frustrating weekend, it occurred to me that people may not be asking a crucial question when hiring a Realtor to sell their home, or help them buy a home. That crucial question? "What's your rule about how long it will take you to return a phone call, text or email?". I was showing homes this weekend and on three out of the five listings my clients wanted to view, the response from the listing agent to my request … [Read more...]

What does a Realtor do anyway?

During one of my earliest encounters explaining to someone that I had recently obtained my real estate license and was planning on being a successful Realtor, this is the reaction I received: "Well, let me be the first to welcome you to a life of crime"! Nothing in my training came remotely close to teaching me how to respond to that type of reaction and I was, to put it in a word, dumbstruck. I guess I hadn't realized that for some, the perception of what a Realtor is, is akin to what many … [Read more...]