Trust Your Realtor® To Refer A Mortgage Lender

Wouldn't it be great if we had a money tree we could go to when wanting to purchase a home? The 18 inch high stack of paperwork to sign before closing would be reduced to a few pages. It might take a week  for the sale to finalize instead of the 30-45 day close of escrow that is required when financing a transaction. Most of us don't have the resources to pay cash for a home and a mortgage lender is a large part of a successful home purchase. Read on to find out why you should trust your … [Read more...]

When is the right time to call a Realtor®?

The decision to sell and/or purchase a home is one that typically happens in stages. More often than not the idea germinates for awhile before a home seller or buyer feels "ready" to start the process. Information needs to be gathered, challenges identified, emotions dealt with. Unless there is an immediate need driven by a life circumstance, the decision to leave one home for another usually takes some time. When is the right time to contact a Realtor?  There is a misperception that a Realtor … [Read more...]

To Prequalify or Not to Prequalify? Soon you’ll have no choice!

The home buying process begins in different ways for different people. My last home buying process began with an archery lesson. I'd been growing increasingly concerned about the Pecos Road freeway project, from which we lived just a quarter of a mile north. No real discussion or plan had taken place when my family and I drove out to Paseo Vista Park in South Chandler to take an archery class through the City of Chandler. Following the lesson (during which I did VERY well I might add), we drove … [Read more...]

Arizona’s 100 Year Flood: How did your home hold up?

Last month we got to experience a rare event in the Phoenix metropolitan area. The rain that came and stayed on September 8th was referred to by many as a 100 year flood. Having grown up in Tempe, my husband Craig revels in telling his 100 year flood stories and it always makes me question the validity of the term, given that he's experienced these rare events several times in his half century life. Regardless of what  you call it, it was a pretty spectacular event, dumping a record five plus … [Read more...]