If you are fortunate enough to have been born during the baby boom generation (between the mid-1940’s and 1964), then you may be among the many families who will inherit real estate in the coming years. Boomers are expected to inherit $136 trillion over the next four decades and much of that wealth will come in the form of real property. Should that time come, will you know what to do with the home or land that becomes a part of your portfolio? There are several professionals you will want to … [Read more...]

What This Listing Agent Does To Sell Your Home

Hint: It's More Than Just Planting A Sign In Your Yard! There is a common myth out there that a listing agent is over-compensated for listing and selling homes based on a misperception of what it takes to sell your home - even in a strong sellers market. The Sharyn Younger Team recently sold a home in 2 days. What has to happen in order for that result, particularly in a $700,000 price point which garners less demand? Here's what this listing agent does to sell your home: Pricing … [Read more...]

What does an appraiser do in a home purchase?

We've been talking about the "team" you will have at your side when you purchase a home. Your Realtor is your coach and gets you on the field by helping you find the right home and negotiating an accepted purchase contract; then monitors performance to make sure everyone is playing their position to their full potential (and obligation). Your teammates will be the title/escrow officer, your lender (if you're financing), your home inspectors(s), and the appraiser. Many people get the home … [Read more...]

Are we in a housing bubble?

The most frequent question I'm asked lately is "are we in a housing bubble?".  The Phoenix housing market was predicted to be among the hottest in the country in 2017 and now that we're through the first third of the year, I'd say that prediction is on track to being right on the money. With homes appreciating at a nice clip and inventory shortages at some price points resulting in multiple offers, it would be easy to conclude that we're in a housing bubble. Especially those who lived through … [Read more...]

Why List Your Home With The Sharyn Younger Team?

Why list your home with the Sharyn Younger Real Estate Team? Everywhere I go these days I meet real estate agents, even when I’m not working. Flying back to Phoenix just yesterday, I sat next to a Phoenix Realtor who saw I was using  real estate software on my computer and asked for some advice. With 40.000+ real estate agents in the valley, it’s important to know why you would choose The Sharyn Younger Real Estate Team or refer people you care about to us. Here are a few of the reasons to call … [Read more...]

How to sell your home in one day.

This month two of my listing clients sold their home in one day.  How did it happen? If you're planning on selling your home, keep reading to find out what you can do to sell just as quickly. 1. Be like Richard and Barbara and Crisy and Nate Both sets of homeowners did their homework before hiring a Realtor and listing their homes. By the time I met with them to discuss the sale of their home they knew exactly the right questions to ask and were open and curious about the answers. Together … [Read more...]

The Bidding War: Offer Acceptance In A Sellers Market

No, we're not in a housing bubble again. But it may feel like we are if you are a buyer trying to get your offer accepted on a home priced under $200,000. In certain parts of the valley, attempting to get under contract on a home priced below $250,000 feels like you are going to war. At this point in time, and for reasons too many and too complicated to discuss in this article, the number of people ready and willing to sell their homes is far less than we hope. Listings priced below $150,000 are … [Read more...]

What the heck is collateral underwriting and why should you (and your Realtor) care?

  Perhaps you currently have a mortgage; or your planning to get one. Despite at least 4 periods of recession since 1966, homeownership rates have hovered between 62% in 1966 to nearly 70% in 2005 and is currently in a slow upward climb standing at approximately 65%. Chances are pretty good that you will eventually be purchasing a home and going through the loan process at some point in the future. And while the rates of home ownership have remained relatively steady over the … [Read more...]

When to invest in an up-front appraisal

When is an up-front appraisal a good idea? As in many things real estate, it depends... Is the home in a market that sees very few home sales per year? Is the home very unique in some way that makes for little in the way of comparable properties? Is there a wide range of comparable property values making it difficult to know where your home lands? Has the market been excessively volatile? If you have hired a Realtor that is experienced in listing properties, in most cases their … [Read more...]

Tips on Getting Your Home Ready to Sell

When conversing with real estate agents, you will often find that when they talk to you about buying real estate, they will refer to your purchase as a “home.” Yet if you are selling property, they will often refer to it as a “house.” There is a reason for this. Buying real estate is often an emotional decision, but when selling real estate you need to remove emotion from the equation. You need to think of your house as a marketable commodity. Property. Real estate. Your goal is to get others … [Read more...]