Being a Military Residential Specialist Has New Meaning

IMG_1739Within the first year of being licensed as a real estate agent I had the desire and good fortune to become a Certified Military Residential Specialist. Having treated several veterans in my psychotherapy practice in years past, I knew I wanted to continue to be a positive force in the lives of those serving our country. Providing specialized real estate services seemed like a good way to do that. At the time, I had no way of knowing that my daughter would eventually join the United States Air Force, giving me a new perspective on the sacrifices made by those who volunteer to serve in the military, and the families who support them.

Attending my daughters graduation from Air Force Boot Camp has been a true delight. Seeing Hannah after 7 1/2 long weeks, transformed into an Airman – standing tall, with heightened respect for herself and others, created a mixture of feelings that I can barely describe: relief in having visual proof that she was okay; pride in all that she had accomplished; joy to see how happy she seemed to be a part of something so meaningful; sadness that her journey would certainly take her far away for long periods of time, and fear that she would not always in the safest of circumstances. Throughout the four days in San Antonio I would ride that roller coaster many times.

We have a debt to pay in this country. Those who serve do so for any number of reasons. Whatever motivates them to commit themselves to protect and defend the constitution of the United States allows the rest of us to freely devote ourselves to our own endeavors. It’s easy to forget that so many are in harms way for our sake. It will be much more difficult for me to forget that from now on. In addition to assisting active and veteran military personnel with their real estate needs, there is one other small way in which I have supported the military and will regularly remind those around me not to forget. I have participated in the “boots on the ground” boot campaign. Purchasing and wearing a pair of boots displays appreciation for our troops, acknowledges the challenges they face while serving and after, and raises funds to address physical and emotional needs of those who have served. If you’d like to participate in this program go to and order your “boots on the ground”. Here is a picture of mine:



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