Arizona’s 100 Year Flood: How did your home hold up?

retention basin full of runoff

A park is filled with water after record breaking rains

Last month we got to experience a rare event in the Phoenix metropolitan area. The rain that came and stayed on September 8th was referred to by many as a 100 year flood. Having grown up in Tempe, my husband Craig revels in telling his 100 year flood stories and it always makes me question the validity of the term, given that he’s experienced these rare events several times in his half century life. Regardless of what  you call it, it was a pretty spectacular event, dumping a record five plus inches of rain on Chandler alone. This photo of the green belt behind our house was taken nearly a full week after the rain stopped, and it was still several inches deep! While weather events can be awe inspiring, they can also cause havoc with our homes. I received several reports from clients and friends about leaking roofs, patio covers and windows. Many people throughout the valley discovered problems they weren’t aware existed this past week. If you experienced damage to your home, or found out that you need some maintenance work done, call me for a referral to the right professionals to provide just the help you need at the right price. And be ready for the next “100 year flood”.

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