The Valley Sees Rapid Expansion Of Co-Working Spaces

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The valley is seeing co-working spaces cropping up everywhere

Guess what’s popping up like weeds in a garden? Co-working spaces! If you’re not familiar with the concept, these are office spaces that run the gamut from a large open space with work stations, to plush private offices that you can rent by the day, weekly, or monthly. In this day and age with so much division and tribalism, it’s nice to see a push toward sharing and collaboration with the rapid expansion of co-working spaces in the valley.

Co-working space comes in many forms. From Gangplank, which offers free workspace and meeting rooms with an emphasis on collaboration, innovation and business start ups to the latest entrant into the co-working movement, Workuity, with Biltmore and Chandler locations offering open co-working spaces, private offices and conference rooms. Regardless of the “vibe” in various spaces, they all offer flexibility and the opportunity to collaborate with others, or the privacy to meet with clients away from the crowd. The users of co-working space are typically professionals who work from home, or don’t require a full-time office space. Organizations that require conference rooms on a limited basis also find this as a very viable and desirable solution.

I recently collaborated with a friend on a social media campaign and we met at a co-working space in Gilbert called Momplex. This is a brilliant concept which incorporates co-working space with childcare. Mom’s who need to get business taken care of can drop children off at the drop-in day care center, just across the hall from an open co-working space. They also offer private and conference rooms and regular part-time and full time childcare.

The price of co-working spaces depends upon the amount of time you use it, the type of space you’re looking for, and the location. From community spaces like Gangplank which are free, to a $10 per hour charge to a couple hundred dollars per month for unlimited open co-working space, to well over $1000 per month for a full time private office. Amenities vary quite a bit as well. Some provide just desk space while others offer state of the art technology and designer surroundings.

For a current list of co-working spaces in the valley, click here.

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