Furnishing Dignity: Helping Those On A Path To Self-Sufficiency

Furnishing Dignity

Furnishing Dignity, A place that helps those on a path to self sufficiency start with the foundation of “home”.

The word “home” can mean many things. It can be the walls within which you dwell; it can be the place from which you came, but perhaps no longer reside; it can be a feeling that you carry with you wherever you may be; it can be the people you call your family, the things you hold so dear, the memories you’ve created over the years. Home for so many of us brings feelings of warmth, security, connection. It is often the place within which we feel we can be our most authentic selves. We sometimes take “home” for granted. And there are those for whom “home” is something they dream of, but has been out of reach.


2019 is going to be GREAT year! And part of that greatness will consist of the compassion, kindness and assistance we give to others. A percentage of all 2019 sales closed by The Sharyn Younger Team of Glass House International Real Estate will be donated to a Phoenix organization doing great work to help those in need create the foundation and support of “home”. Furnishing Dignity provides essential home furnishings to those in need who are either employed, in job training, or receiving reliable assistance. Their mission is “helping individuals and families dwell in dignity by providing furnishings and other essential household items to transform a house into a home.” I can’t imagine a better fitting contribution for a real estate team whose mission is all about HOME.

The volunteers of Furnishing Dignity collect new and gently used items from the community. They clean, pack, deliver and assemble furnishings to client’s homes at no cost to those in need. They provide that important sense of “home” from which those on a path to self-sufficiency can aspire to a better life.

You can help as well. Furnishing Dignity accepts new and gently used furnishings and household goods, as well as financial contributions. Volunteer opportunities are available and The Sharyn Younger Team will be organizing a volunteer event in 2019. For more information, visit www.furnishingdignity.org. And let us know if you’d like to join our volunteer team to help a family in need.


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