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What’s Your Home Selling IQ?

What’s Your Home Selling IQ?   Take the home selling IQ test below to find out how well you know the keys to selling your home quickly and for the highest price?   1.  The most important home improvement to sell efficiently and for the highest price is: a.     Add French doors to the master bedroom b.     Bake cookies during an open house c.     Thoroughly clean and regularly maintain the cleanliness of the home d.     Make sure there are pets in the home to … [Read more...]

Palm Valley Homes For Sale

    Check out these Palm Valley homes for sale in Goodyear, Arizona. Here's why: Imagine yourself in Palm Valley,  a 9500 acre master planned community in Goodyear Arizona surrounded by some of the most beautiful open space in metropolitan Phoenix area.  Located 20 miles west of downtown Phoenix, right in between the Agua Fria River and the 303 Freeway in the West Valley, and just one mile north of the I-10, Palm Valley is conveniently situated, in one of the fastest growing … [Read more...]