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Gilbert Homes Under $250,000? Yes Indeed!

In continuing the series of posts to assist home buyers seeking to keep their purchase under $250,000 in the east valley, here is a convenient Gilbert home search. An agricultural town dotted with horse properties and working ranches, Gilbert has experienced tremendous growth over the last few years. It now boasts a hip and inviting downtown core, beautiful master planned communities, shopping, restaurants, parks, entertainment (Top Golf!!), and an inviting business climate. Both residential and … [Read more...]

When is the right time to call a Realtor®?

The decision to sell and/or purchase a home is one that typically happens in stages. More often than not the idea germinates for awhile before a home seller or buyer feels "ready" to start the process. Information needs to be gathered, challenges identified, emotions dealt with. Unless there is an immediate need driven by a life circumstance, the decision to leave one home for another usually takes some time. When is the right time to contact a Realtor?  There is a misperception that a Realtor … [Read more...]

Chandler Homes Under $250,000

One of the most competitive markets in the valley of the sun right now is the under $250,000 market in the east valley. If your homeownership goal falls in that category, don't lose heart. It's possible to find a home within that price range but you have to be smart about it. Make sure that you have a good relationship with a GREAT Realtor, who will do the legwork to keep you posted up to the minute about listings that come on the market. You have to act fast at this price point. No time to … [Read more...]

2016 Phoenix Real Estate Market Update

2016 will see buyer demographics shifting slightly. Foreign buyers will be fewer due to the strong dollar and Chinese investors focused on coastal states. The majority of Canadian sales activity in Arizona has been sellers rather than buyers through 2015 and that is not expected to change until there is an economic shift. Millennial buyers are expected to become a stronger force in the market, particularly in entry level home prices, and baby boomers will drive increased activity in adult … [Read more...]

Shadow Savings of Home Ownership

I just finished sending out closing statements to all of my clients who bought or sold a home in 2015, requiring me to go back into each file and pull the final settlement sheets and send each one individually. Why would I go to that trouble? Because part of my job as my client's Realtor, is to help them save money. Whether it's negotiating hard for them on their home sale or purchase, protecting their earnest money if they're buying a home, helping them choose the offer with the best chance of … [Read more...]