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November, 2015 Housing Market Summary

  As is typical for the fall months, the housing market has slowed a bit. The usual dip is exacerbated by the new lending guidelines that have slowed closings and may be having an artificial negative effect on sales numbers. Things are continuing to move in the market, inventory is increasing, and as we can see by the rising months supply of inventory from 3.36 to 3.91 in the last 30 days,  it is becoming less starkly in the favor of sellers. I have spoken to many people lately that … [Read more...]

Phoenix Offers Home Buying Help for Helpers: First Responders, Police, Fire, Paramedics and Teachers

Have you ever had that thought? The one that goes like this: It seems so unjust that athletes, movie stars, and Wall Street traders get paid mega-bucks while our teachers, police and firefighters struggle to get by ("teachers get paid bubkas", as my friend once put it). Well Phoenix's helpers just got a financial boost when it comes to purchasing a home. A grant totaling 4% of the mortgage loan amount is now available for downpayment or closing cost assistance to teachers and first responders … [Read more...]