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What does a Seller NOT have to disclose?

There are many facts about a home considered "material" to a buyers decision to purchase that a seller must disclose. And it's in the sellers best interest to make sure those facts are disclosed within five days of a signed purchase agreement. No seller wants to be the subject of a lawsuit post closing because they didn't disclose something that the buyer finds out about later. Has the home had plumbing problems in the past? Disclose! Is there a pack of barking dogs next door? Disclose! Have … [Read more...]

Can Attending Open Houses Increase Your Home Buying IQ?

I've been hosting an open house for the last 2 and a half hours and this is the first moment I've had to get on my computer.  I've had a steady stream of potential home buyers moving through the house on their tour of the neighborhood looking at what's on the market. I love doing open houses. It gets me into listings, mine and others, and in front of people who are interested in homes. I love talking about homes. But what about attending open houses as a buyer? Do people find their dream home by … [Read more...]

Arizona Biltmore Area for upscale active living

  Surrounding the iconic Arizona Biltmore Resort, a Waldorf Astoria luxury property in northeast central Phoenix,  is a collection of single family residences, condominiums, townhouses and apartment style flats that many Phoenicians call home. The Biltmore Resort was built during the national building boom that was occurring in the late 1920's and early 1930's, along with the nearby Wrigley Mansion. Over the years the resort has hosted presidents, dignitaries and celebrities, and … [Read more...]

Being a Military Residential Specialist Has New Meaning

Within the first year of being licensed as a real estate agent I had the desire and good fortune to become a Certified Military Residential Specialist. Having treated several veterans in my psychotherapy practice in years past, I knew I wanted to continue to be a positive force in the lives of those serving our country. Providing specialized real estate services seemed like a good way to do that. At the time, I had no way of knowing that my daughter would eventually join the United States Air … [Read more...]

October rollout of TRID: Don’t Let It Scare You Out Of Buying A Home

If you have a pulse, you've probably heard about changes to the mortgage approval process that may be making you wonder if it's become too difficult to purchase a home. Especially with some lenders and real estate agents quaking in their boots about the changes and "government intervention" it's easy to feel like there are too many forces working against  you. The fact is that the TRID changes were designed to, and in fact DO simplify the disclosures that you as a buyer must read, and make the … [Read more...]