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What the heck is collateral underwriting and why should you (and your Realtor) care?

  Perhaps you currently have a mortgage; or your planning to get one. Despite at least 4 periods of recession since 1966, homeownership rates have hovered between 62% in 1966 to nearly 70% in 2005 and is currently in a slow upward climb standing at approximately 65%. Chances are pretty good that you will eventually be purchasing a home and going through the loan process at some point in the future. And while the rates of home ownership have remained relatively steady over the … [Read more...]

“…Your Realtor Is Like Your Consigliere, Which Makes YOU the Don…”

I Love this quote from Elizabeth Banks in a recent video. I've actually used the metaphor of a Consigliere when talking about what a Realtor does...I've just left out the "Don" part. For those of you unfamiliar with "The Godfather" movies, or "The Sopranos", the Don is a Mob Boss, Leader, Crime Lord, Kingpin, or Head of the Family. The Consigliere is the trusted advisor or counselor to the boss and represents him (or her to be fair) in some capacities. A Realtor advises on things … [Read more...]