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Chandler Food Trucks: A popular affair!

  Ok, so truth be told, I have never really seen the value in mixing food and exhaust fumes as has become so wildly popular in the "food truck" phenomenon. Until now that is. My husband has dragged me out to the friday night event in Chandler a couple of times now, despite my pleas to go eat at a "real" restaurant that doesn't rest on rubber tires. I think I finally get it. What I've discovered is that while it IS about the food, it's also about the way it brings people together. … [Read more...]

Arrowhead Ranch, Glendale

Just off the 101 Freeway, not far from the Arizona Cardinals stadium is the lovely masterplanned community of Arrowhead Ranch. Started in the 1990's, Arrowhead Ranch continues to be one of the most sought after home-buying destinations in the valley. Perhaps it's because of it's community amenities including lakes, golf courses, and other recreational offerings, or the proximity to several major sports arenas and universities. Or, it may be due to the fact that Glendale is the self proclaimed … [Read more...]