Archives for February 2015

21st century master bath remodel

  Ok, here's my opportunity to have my say...not what the fashionistas say...not what my clients say...not what my broker tells me. I've been thinking a lot about remodeling my master bathroom - a very private place that in my humble opinion should be a true reflection of one's style and comfort choices. Of course, I'd have to consult Mr. Younger, but for the moment, a girl can dream, can't she? So here's what I envision: First, let's rip out the bathtub! If I absolutely had to have a … [Read more...]

Willow Historic District Home Tour 2015

I got to spend the afternoon in one of my favorite places in Phoenix. The annual Willow District Home Tour brings people from all over the valley to view the beautiful homes and history of the area between McDowell Road and Thomas Road, 1st Avenue to 7th Avenue. This area was settled and initially developed between the early 1920's and the early 1950's and the diversity of influence is reflected in the unique look of each home. You will find no stucco here in the Tudor, Greek, Spanish Colonial, … [Read more...]

Buy Now, Brag Later

  What a surprise, A real estate agent who believes that NOW is the perfect time to buy. If you are skeptical about pronouncements that urge you to act now based upon predictions of the future, it's certainly understandable. While the recent housing market crash is, in my humble opinion, not something we're likely to see happen again in our or our children's lifetimes, it certainly gives us pause in making predictions about real estate investments ALWAYS moving in a positive … [Read more...]