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Predictions for 2015 Real Estate Market: Mixed, Muddy, Mysterious

A review of 15 articles written about what to expect for the 2015 housing market actually did turn up the words "mixed", "muddy", "a mystery". That said, there have some fairly consistent predictions from a number of reliable sources. While the national scene is interesting and offers some important insights, everyone knows that the predictions that will impact you the most, are the one's relevant to your local market. Sometime by the end of January, I expect to see projections coming from … [Read more...]

Millennials, Millennials, Wherefore art thou Millennials?

Watchers of the real estate economy have voiced concern measuring somewhere between significant and grave about the absence of Millennial Buyers in the recovering housing market. The Millennial generation is considered to be comprised of individuals between the ages of approximately 15 and 35. If you're over 35, remember where you were back in your third decade on the planet - probably well on your way to, or firmly ensconced in job stability and homeownership. If you're under the age of 35, try … [Read more...]