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Preparing your kitchen for smooth holiday happenings

With the holidays bearing down upon us, many of us will be spending time in the kitchen cooking and preparing meals and treats for family and friends. Make your time in the kitchen more efficient and pleasant by doing a little "pre-game" cleaning and re-organizing. And be sure to donate anything that you won't be using to a charitable organization that can get those items, either food or gadgets, to families that can use them. Here is a helpful 7 day schedule of pre-holiday cleaning/organizing … [Read more...]

How Responsive is YOUR Realtor?

I usually try to stay away from the negative on this blog, but after an incredibly frustrating weekend, it occurred to me that people may not be asking a crucial question when hiring a Realtor to sell their home, or help them buy a home. That crucial question? "What's your rule about how long it will take you to return a phone call, text or email?". I was showing homes this weekend and on three out of the five listings my clients wanted to view, the response from the listing agent to my request … [Read more...]

Selling your home with less than two years of ownership? Safe Harbor exclusions may help you pay less in taxes

Although home prices in the Phoenix metropolitan area have leveled off during 2014, and even dropped in some areas, many homeowners have realized a profit on their homes within the past two years. Selling a home you've lived in less than two years, and taking a profit from that sale could result in a tax on that profit.  Once you've lived in a home that is your primary residence for two years, you can exclude from taxes up to $250,000 for a single person, and up to $500,000 for married people … [Read more...]