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Should you remodel?

Cost vs. Value data show the benefits! For the second consecutive year, the Cost vs. Value data show that the value of remodeling is up. This trend signals an end to the long slide in the cost-value ratio, which began to fall in 2006 and didn’t begin to rebound until last year. For 2014, the cost-value ratio stands at 66.1%, a jump of 5.5 points over last year and the largest increase since 2005. In what is perhaps the most positive sign in this year’s data, rising resale value is driving the … [Read more...]

Arizona’s 100 Year Flood: How did your home hold up?

Last month we got to experience a rare event in the Phoenix metropolitan area. The rain that came and stayed on September 8th was referred to by many as a 100 year flood. Having grown up in Tempe, my husband Craig revels in telling his 100 year flood stories and it always makes me question the validity of the term, given that he's experienced these rare events several times in his half century life. Regardless of what  you call it, it was a pretty spectacular event, dumping a record five plus … [Read more...]