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Contingency Timing: How to best manage a concurrent home sale and purchase

For several years many home owners have felt a bit trapped in the homes that they bought in the late 1990's and early 2000's while they waited for the value of those homes to rise above their mortgage debt. And while they waited, life rolled on. Families have grown or contracted, individual economies have changed, lifestyles have evolved. With interest rates remaining historically low and increasing numbers of home owners finding that they are no longer under water, many have begun feeling more … [Read more...]

The Gift of Balance and Mindfulness in a Real Estate Transaction

    During my years as a psychotherapist, I found that mindfulness training was a very effective tool in helping my clients manage strong emotional states or the challenges of changing negative behaviors. I got excellent feedback from clients who incorporated mindfulness or meditative strategies, and I certainly have made good use of those skills in my own life. I'm thrilled to find that there is a great utility for mindfulness strategies in the home buying and selling … [Read more...]