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What stays with a home that you’re purchasing?

Although it's not a cut and dried issue, knowing what is typical to remain when buying a home is important. The Arizona Association of Realtors purchase contract addresses some specific items that are expected to remain, unless a seller indicates specific non-conveyance. Things like ceiling fans, window coverings and screens, misting systems, towel racks, flush mounted speakers, satellite dishes, and owned water softeners, alarm systems and pool equipment to name a few. A general rule of thumb … [Read more...]

Solar energy in Arizona: you’d be crazy NOT to!

A year ago this coming September, after quite a bit of research, we made the decision to have solar panels installed on our roof. We'd read a lot of arguments on both sides of the solar debate, around which net-metering was just kicking up. Basically the question being argued was whether solar users generating their own energy  should still pay for using the "grid" which facilitates energy delivery. That argument aside, we are thrilled with our decision to go solar. Through the winter months, … [Read more...]

Becoming a Seasonal Arizona Resident

A few decades removed from being a native New Yorker, I have lived in Arizona, Oklahoma, Arizona again, California, and Arizona again...again. While I might complain about the heat, and the politics, and the lack of a really good bagel, I always seem to come back to Arizona. Even when visiting my true love, the Northwest, the desert calls me home, and my dream of restoring an old 1970's home on acreage along the Columbia River, is a part-time dream at best. Since becoming an Arizona resident, my … [Read more...]

When to invest in an up-front appraisal

When is an up-front appraisal a good idea? As in many things real estate, it depends... Is the home in a market that sees very few home sales per year? Is the home very unique in some way that makes for little in the way of comparable properties? Is there a wide range of comparable property values making it difficult to know where your home lands? Has the market been excessively volatile? If you have hired a Realtor that is experienced in listing properties, in most cases their … [Read more...]