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Moving to Phoenix from New York

Many years ago when I made my pilgrimage from the east coast to Phoenix, I did so as a young, adventurous college student with as much experience with the southwest as Arizona Highways Magazine could give me.  Cactus silhouetting quiet, peaceful desert vistas, sunsets that could hardly be rivaled by the coastal sunsets of my youth, southwest influenced architecture and design; these were the things that made up my expectations.  I knew Arizona would be something completely foreign to my then … [Read more...]

What does a Realtor do anyway?

During one of my earliest encounters explaining to someone that I had recently obtained my real estate license and was planning on being a successful Realtor, this is the reaction I received: "Well, let me be the first to welcome you to a life of crime"! Nothing in my training came remotely close to teaching me how to respond to that type of reaction and I was, to put it in a word, dumbstruck. I guess I hadn't realized that for some, the perception of what a Realtor is, is akin to what many … [Read more...]